Saturday, 15 July 2017

Valerie Hughes (UK) Barbara Cady (UK) Maria Eugenia Corbella (Spain) M Sullivan (Canada)

4 Shuffle Portraits have arrived today from around the globe.

Valerie Hughes has made a beautifully hand stitched portrait - a garden brimming over with flowers and leaves which spill around the sides of the canvas.

Barbara Cady has attached a note to warn us against the sharpness of the needle stitched into this one, but don't worry it's very firmly attached. The words say, "The older I get... The smaller the eye becomes ..."

Maria has painted this fabulous cat - I think in acrylics.

And finally for the weekend,  M. Sullivan from Canada has painted and stitched, with applique, this portrait. Not sure if it's printed, painted or dyed fabrics, but it's a glorious riot of textures.

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  1. My piece is created with mx dyes .. M. Jill Sullivan.... Canada