Friday, 14 July 2017

Janet Greig Sheen (UK) Carlo Briscoe (UK) Anne menary (UK)

3 more fabulous Shuffles have plopped onto the door mat this morning.

Anne Menary, has labelled hers "A page from my sketchbook". It has extensive hand stitching on fabric which is fixed to layers of paper.

Carlo has sent this striking piece which is beautifully hand stitched - almost Picasso-like in the way the face is divided into two so that you have full face and yet a side view too.

Finally Janet, has sent this portrait which has a label on the back, with a photo, and saying "Janet Greig with Tilly. Photograph Arthur Greig 1950. Listen with Mother, January 1950." There is a music score around the edge of the canvas and is "Berceuse from Faure's Dolly Suite".

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