Monday, 10 July 2017

Georgina Newson (UK) Agatha Lee (Singapore) Charlotte O'Hare (UK)

The weekend saw another 3 portrait shuffles arrive for our gallery at Festival of Quilts, from Georgina Newson, Agy Lee, and Charlotte O'Hare.

Georgina's portrait is surrounded in applied flowers, which stand proud of the canvas and with beaded centres. We love the colours in the eye Georgina - gorgeous detail.

Agatha Lee (Agy) sends her work on alter egos. (a person's secondary or alternative personality). David Bowie. His portrait is densely stitched and surrounded by text, and half hidden under layers of organza-like material.

And lastly for today, Charlotte O'Hare has made this portrait in shades of yellow with darkly framed glasses. The portrait continues underneath the canvas, and the glasses stand proud - they are cut away to allow the hair to look as if it falls over the frames.

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