Friday, 7 July 2017

Deborah Martin (New Zealand) Jenni Milligan (UK) Yvonne Elliot (UK)

What a busy Portrait Shuffle day we're having today!! 3 more have arrived this afternoon. Poor postman must be wondering what on earth is going on, but thank you so much.

Jenni Milligan has sent this one in which made me smile! She says "Most of my time in the garden spent bum in the air weeding! Love my garden!"

Yvonne Elliott has sent this beautiful portrait, with a real earring and flowers in her hair.

Deborah Martin's portrait is on Lise Meitner, who is someone who inspires her. She has kindly written a short bit about what Lise exemplifies, and a brief life story. This will be attached to the portrait so the recipient can read all about her.

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