Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Barbara Toogood (Australia) Greta Huseboe (Norway) Pat Mallett (UK)

Todays very wonderful delivery has brought 3 portraits from around the world.

Greta Huseboe has monoprinted this image on rust dyed cotton, and has used hand dyed cotton thread to stitch this strong image.

Barbara Toogood from Australia, has sent another black and white piece. It looks like a painting but could be a pencil/graphite sketch with a layer of varnish or gel. Not sure Barbara - if you're reading this and want to say, please do leave a comment.

Finally Pat Mallett has sent this with a little note on the back "Ravneet looking at the sea view in Bude, Cornwall" The background is made of layered fabrics, and the hair and ornament are wool and metal.


  1. My piece is done with graphite and then a varnish finish. Barbara Toogood

    1. Thank you Barbara, that's great to know - lots of people will be interested!

    2. I didn't think to put a description. This was done from a photo of my gorgeous granddaughter when she was 19 months. Loved the way her hair fell and her lack of a pose. Thank you for posting my piece Annabel- I had such fun doing this.

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