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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

We have begun the process of displaying your work

You still have until Monday a.m. 31st July to return your Shuffle portraits to us. After this time we will be unable to enter them into the exhibition, as we need time to mount them and label them, although they can of course be part of the Shuffle.

You will receive another original piece of art work in return for yours during the later part of August. Please see Terms and Conditions at the top of this blog if there is anything you're unsure about.

Linda Barlow - Through Our Hands Affiliate Artist

HUGE thanks to Linda Barlow who has donated this piece of work to the Portrait Shuffle. Will it be yours?

Angelike Westermann (Germany) Deb Nixon (UK) Kathrynne Owen (UK) Sue Kemp (UK) Tracy Hodder (UK)

We have a HUGE pile of Shufflers today, so there will be two postings. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful work - we're amazed at the variety of styles of interpretations that we've received. Don't forget to come along to the Festival of Quilts (Gallery TG9) to see them all together.

Anegelike Westermann has sent a striking painted portrait. The red of the lips and yellow of the background really draw your eye in to the face.

Tracy Hodder's painting has the words "If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies!" Very true! The butterflies are raised above the painted greeny/blue background.

Sue Kemp has sent a wonderful fabric collage with machine stitching. What a happy baby!

Kathrynne Owen's piece has a note on the back "Nanna to 7 grand children. Each one has drawn a butterfly for this portrait". The background cloth has an overlay of fine gauzy material and is machine stitched. Some of the butterflies are appliqued on top.

Finally for today, we have a beautifully stitched and coloured cat from Deb Nixon. The piece is titled "Wait For Me" and the words appear stitched on the front with a little heart. We've seen this portrait and followed the story about the cat on Instagram!  It's lovely Deb.

Linda Roan (Canada) Yvonne Imms (UK) Kathryn Forster (UK) Louise Allen (UK) Becky Clementson (UK)

We have a HUGE pile of Shufflers today, so there will be two postings. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful work - we're amazed at the variety of styles of interpretations that we've received. Don't forget to come along to the Festival of Quilts (Gallery TG9) to see them all together.

Linda Road  has sent this fabulous portrait. She says it's fabric paint, cotton print, embroidery, pencils and knitting yarn, and is of Lalita: digitized photo of a family friend.

Yvonne Imms' piece looks like a paper collage which has been over painted - the sitter is gazing into the distance and it feels very enigmatic.

Kathryn Forster's portrait is painted in striking and bright colours - oranges, yellows, purples, reds etc. Its great - she looks like she's just seen something amusing or nice out of the corner of her eye.

Louise Allen's painted portrait has a lovely palette of blues and oranges/pinks, and has a note on the back: "Portrait - based on a life drawing of Rachel - "meditating"....with my new Golden acrylic paints."

Becky Clementson's painting also looks to be acrylics. The sitter is staring forward but slightly down. Greens, yellows, and flowers in the hair!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Sue Stone - Through Our Hands Affiliate Artist - donation to the Portrait Shuffle

Huge thanks to Sue Stone who has donated this wonderful piece of work to the Shuffle. It's amazing of course and so detailed and beautifully stitched. Could you be the very lucky person who receives this in the post??

Gillian Carlsson (New Zealand) Agnes Palko (Sweden) Jenny Williams (USA) Kirsten Leigh (UK)

Quite a few more Shuffles have arrived, but we're just doing 4 this morning....more later of course!! The closing date is 31st July if you want your piece to be exhibited at the NEC in August. Any sent in after that date will still be part of the shuffle of course, but won't be hung in the gallery. This is because they have to be mounted for display and we need time to do that.

Thank you so much for today's portraits!

Kirsten Leigh - This is just too cool Kirsten! Love the glasses. "Neon Self-Portrait" Coloured cloth, applique and stitch.

Jenny Williams has sent a felted piece - a gorgeous landscape. Fabrics, wool, stitch and beading.

Agnes Palko piece is quilted and beautifully stitched by hand. Printing, lace, cross stitch and text.

Gillian  Carlsson's piece has music as it's background...the words "don't forbid me" form part of the music, and are overlayed on the from in printed text. The printed smiling portrait is applied over the top of the music.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Eszter Bornemisza - Through Our Hands Affiliated Artist

We received 2 pieces of work this morning from Eszter Bornemisza for the Through Our Hands gallery at Festival of Quilts, and tucked inside was this lovely donation to the Portrait Shuffle!

I wonder who will get this lovely piece of original work from Eszter?

Fiona Balding (UK) Linda Harvey (UK)Caroline Higgs (France) Ann Aket (UK)Tracey Fernandes (UK)

Enormous thanks for the lovely portraits you've sent us today!

Fiona Balding's is inspired by the pen and ink drawings of Rowena Siovanes. It's a beautifully layered background including Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain, and heavily machine stitched. The swimming costume seems to be made from paper. We like this a lot and wonder if the maps are of any special places?

Caroline Higgs has sent this wadded, and appliqued piece, with very fine hand stitching. She says " I photographed this woman in Kenya. She is outcast by her community because she gave birth to a wonderful girl who has no arms..." Enormously sad to read that.

Linda Harvey's piece is a layered background with lace and heavier weight fabrics which are machine stitched. The portrait overlays the fabrics and is in a thicker thread.

Ann Aket has sent this piece entitled "Hollie" The canvas is painted a sky blue and has a wadded and pieced fabric area in the middle with a portrait hand stitched in black and red.

Tracey Fernandes painting has the words "Age is just a number" in the background. The portrait is made up of printed numbers on paper, and a paper overlay for the hair.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Christine Seager (UK) Tekla Benson (USA) Lisa Benson and Tekla Benson (USA)

Christine Seager has sent this Portrait Shuffle today.  This piece is painted onto wadded cloth, with lots of text and hand stitching. If you zoom in you may be able to read it!

Lisa Benson and Tekla Benson have worked on this together. It is printing onto cloth. We especially like the overprint of the red bycicle with yellow and it gives a tremendous impression of movement - it is after all, someone riding a bike!

Tekla has also sent this striking painted portrait! Our thanks to everyone for today's Portrait Shuffles.

Can we also just remind you - without wishing to overstate - PLEASE can you put "gift" and "no value" or a low value, say, $10 on your Shuffle parcels if you are returning them to us from outside the EU. Import duties are about £25 per parcel coming from the USA for example and this we have to fund personally or it has to come from the Save The Children donation. This is a charitable event and your work will be donated to another artist, not sold. Thank you.

Friday, 21 July 2017

If you plan on sending your Shuffle back from outside the EU........

PLEASE can you put "gift" and "no value" or a low value, say, $10 on your Shuffle parcels if you are returning them to us from outside the EU. Import duties are about £25 per parcel coming from the USA for example and this we have to fund personally or it has to come from the Save The Children donation. This is a charitable event and your work will be donated to another artist, not sold. Thank you.

Annika Lund (Finland) Elizabeth Butler (UK) Dolores Mullis (Switzerland) Fiona Brockie (UK)

I really am going to have to give the postie a huge pat on the back as he was weighed down by 8 portrait shuffles this morning!!

I've done todays Shuffles in 2 lots, but will put another small video of them on Facebook this morning.

Elizabeth Butler has painted her portrait on paper and it's a lovely mixture of paint and text which describes her sitter's characteristics and tells us what a beautiful person they are! The detail and delicacy are astonishing.

Fiona Brockie's piece is titled "Evelyn". Fiona has gone to a great deal of trouble to research her sitter, and we'll pass on her notes describing Evelyn and her life as shown in diaries covering 1927 to 1959. They provided a fascinating glimpse of Ediburgh culture alongside more intimate family details. Evelyn was born in Paris in 1874 and died in Edinburgh in 1969.

Dolores Mullis has sent a "Homage to Paul Klee" done in stitch on a pieced and painted background, which adds texture as well as defining the portrait.

Annika Lund has quilted this beautiful portraits in shades of green and blues. It has machine and hand stitch. I especially like the twists in the hair!

Mary Doherty (Ireland) Cate Kalson (UK) Orna Doherty (Ireland) Heather Bowman (UK)

The second part of today's posting shows another 4 Portrait Shuffles - Huge Thanks to everyone!

Mary Doherty - mixed media. The painting has been overlayed with stitch, and paper and/or fabrics. The eyes stare out at you and one half of the painting stands slightly proud of the other.

Cate Kalson has made this lino print which has a note on the reverse to say "self-portrait: 41 weeks preganant and trying to patiently wait for the new arrival!"

Crikey Cate!! Hope all is well - best wishes from all at TOH!!

Orna Doherty has made a striking stitched embroidery.  Beautifully done in shades of blue and turquiose with darker tones of grey and highlights of orange. He is a Siberian husky called Atticus!

Heather Bowman (thanks for your letter Heather- it's fabulous!) has sent this stitched portrait called "Covering Up" It's on a cloth (padded) and stitched background with appliqued fabrics and beading. Very sparkly!!

Heather wanted to convey the idea that we have sad experiences in our lives but hide it wherever we can with makeup!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Marjolyn Hannaart (France) Jan Drury (UK) Danica Atkinson (UK) Thomasina Freeman (UK)

Our 4 lovely Portrait Shuffles for today, are another set with completely differing styles.

The date that the Shuffles have to be with us is the 31st July (eeek!) so there's just time to send them back if you'd like to be part of the wonderful exhibit in our gallery at Festival of Quilts. They all have to be mounted on battens before exhibiting, so although late arrivals can be part of the shuffle, they will unfortunately miss the exhibition.

Anyway, today we have a mixed media piece from Marjolyn Hannaart. The frame has the word "Lyn" on it. It's a painted piece with an overlay of net to one face, stencilling, half a leaf and painted branch. Thank you Marjolyn!

Jan has kindly sent us this lovely image of a little girl on the sand. She's gorgeous!

Danica (Dani) has hand stitched the portrait in thick threads and seated it on a background of appliqued fabrics, which have been stitched into place by lines of machining.

Thomasina's piece is, I think, printed cotton mounted onto the canvas with applied fabric with "thomasina" stitched onto it. Thomasina has also included a biography to be sent to her shuffler!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Christine Bay (Singapore) Margaret Horton (UK) Rosemary Woodward (UK)

Thank you ladies for today's Portrait Shuffles - how lovely!!

Christine Bay has sent this exquisite painting from Singapore. The detail is astonishing. It has a very Art Deco feel to it we think!

Margaret Horton's portrait is on finely coloured and stamped cloth with very fine hand stitching.

Finally for today, Rosemary Woodward has sent us a painted portrait. There seems to be pencil or coloured pencil Rosemary?  Anyway, we like the smile and sunny colourings!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Valerie Hughes (UK) Barbara Cady (UK) Maria Eugenia Corbella (Spain) M Sullivan (Canada)

4 Shuffle Portraits have arrived today from around the globe.

Valerie Hughes has made a beautifully hand stitched portrait - a garden brimming over with flowers and leaves which spill around the sides of the canvas.

Barbara Cady has attached a note to warn us against the sharpness of the needle stitched into this one, but don't worry it's very firmly attached. The words say, "The older I get... The smaller the eye becomes ..."

Maria has painted this fabulous cat - I think in acrylics.

And finally for the weekend,  M. Sullivan from Canada has painted and stitched, with applique, this portrait. Not sure if it's printed, painted or dyed fabrics, but it's a glorious riot of textures.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Sandra Meech (UK) Little Girl With A Sewing Machine

We're absolutely thrilled that Sandra Meech has kindly donated a piece to the Portrait Shuffle. Thank you Sandra, it's wonderful. Will you be the lucky person who gets this in the post!

'Little Girl with a Sewing Machine'

Sandra says that the work is a collage of images - sketches of sewing machine parts and one of her "dresses" which are part of a series of her art textile pieces.

Janet Greig Sheen (UK) Carlo Briscoe (UK) Anne menary (UK)

3 more fabulous Shuffles have plopped onto the door mat this morning.

Anne Menary, has labelled hers "A page from my sketchbook". It has extensive hand stitching on fabric which is fixed to layers of paper.

Carlo has sent this striking piece which is beautifully hand stitched - almost Picasso-like in the way the face is divided into two so that you have full face and yet a side view too.

Finally Janet, has sent this portrait which has a label on the back, with a photo, and saying "Janet Greig with Tilly. Photograph Arthur Greig 1950. Listen with Mother, January 1950." There is a music score around the edge of the canvas and is "Berceuse from Faure's Dolly Suite".

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Miranda Twydell (UK)

We have a lovely lino print portrait from Miranda Twydell this morning. Miranda says:

"This is Derek who has spent his life working in the research and development of pharmaceuticals, and still is ..... after retirement. I wanted to show how his chemistry runs through him, as an integral part of his makeup, so this lino print is on top of equations to do with the thermodynamics of solvation! To me they are a pattern!".