Monday, 31 July 2017

Alison Cossons (UK) Michelle Jeffreys (UK) Judith Laundon (UK)

These 3 Shuffles arrived just as I was leaving to see Laura and Linda today with a boot full of boxes of portraits.

Alison Cosson's piece uses an emoji as a portrait - that's a first in the Shuffle! Alison says: 

My portrait is a sort of steam punk I guess. I photographed Bernina accessories and then endeavoured to make a smiley face emoji using a mixture of Gelatos, and acrylic wax, and a heart using the same materials. Children and adults express how they feel using emojis by text - a sort of portrait I guess. The photo of the Bernina accessories was printed via a Jacquard ink jet printing cotton sheet. There is a sandwich of white felt, cotton sheet, felt and steam-a-seam bondaweb and gesso around the smiley face and heart. A lot of sticking, painting, sewing!

Judith Laundon's piece is machine stitched in black and parts such as the accessories to the outfit are coloured in.
Michelle Jeffreys jolly piece is set into a pieced background of blue and pink/turquoise. There is machine stitching for the hair and glasses and the shirt/top, hair and necklace are hand coloured.

The Portrait Shuffle is now closed - but don't go away!!

The Portrait Shuffle is now closed. Canvases will now be mounted onto battens and will be displayed at Festival of Quilts 10th-13th August 2017 in the Through Our Hands Gallery (TG9)

It's been an absolutely fabulous response and thank you so much for all your hard work. The canvases have been astonishing and Laura, Linda and I were overwhelmed by so much effort. 

Together with the school in Australia's kind donation, we have raised a total so far of £1,924.51. 

we hope to raise a little more and hopefully get the donation up to £2,000 at the Festival. Laura and Annabel will be painting live in the gallery and will be putting a Save The Children bucket near the till!! 

If you are still working on your portrait that's absolutely fine, just return it to us in the next couple of weeks and we will still be able to "shuffle" it and return someone else's work to you - we will be unable to display it with the others in the exhibition though.

Don't go away though as we will be posting lots of photos of the exhibition here over the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Maureen Dando (UK) Cristina Robbiani (Switzerland) Kira Withers-Jones (UK) Aine Hanraham (Ireland) Christine Reynolds (UK)

We had 7 Shuffles arrive yesterday, which is fabulous. Thank you so much for your lovely work!

Maureen Dando sent this beautifully made piece  using techniques learned from DMTV - namely Portholes and Hand Dyed Fabric. Linda and Laura will especially love this piece Maureen!

Christine Reynolds piece shows a mop of bright yellow hair against a black and white dotty background. Applique and machine stitch with a pair of real earrings!

Aine Hanrahan has sent us a portrait on white cloth with lots of hand stitching in red thread.

Kira Withers-Jones has sent a quilted portrait with the sitter picked out in dark machine thread.

Cristina Robbiani's piece is heavily machined - a thread painting. A note accompanying the piece explains that it's a computer edited photo, embroidered with colourful detail with her sewing machine "- very personal and non-classic embroidery technique, messy and free!"

Clare Smith - TOH Affiliate Artist, portrait donation

Clare Smith, an Affiliate Artist from New Zealand, has very kindly donated this wonderful piece of her work to the Portrait Shuffle. It's stonking, and we're so grateful for her donation in support of Save The Children.

Will you be the very lucky person who receives this?

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Dr Anthony McIntosh (UK) Anne Kelly (UK) Jennie Callomon (UK) Donna Mcghie (UK)

Anthony's painting is titled "Miner Going Outbye". Yep, had to google "Outbye"! It means in the direction away from the coal face, a short distance away, or outside. Fabulous painting, full of atmosphere - perhaps an exhausted man, tired, dirty, in the dark and on his way home?

Anne Kelly sent "Selfie with Bird". It's a heavily stitched portrait - machine and hand - with couching and applique layers.

Donna Mcghie's painting (mixed media) shows a small portrait in the centre of the canvas surrounded by wonderful painterly textures. Perhaps this was achieved through pouring acrylics? There is foiling particularly at the edges, which adds a lovely silvery light.

Finally for today Jennie Callomon has sent in this lovely painting of a crow with a juicy red berry. The background has beautiful textures.

The Shuffles so far - video of 150 portraits!


Friday, 28 July 2017

Linda Drake (UK) Joanne Bowes (UK) Tessa Ellis (UK) Sheilagh Dyson (UK) Sue Hotchkis (France) Ita Dunhe (Ireland)

6 Shuffles to share with you today. Once again they're all very different! Thank you so much for your generous donations to Save The Children.

Linda Drake has sent us this piece - a felted and stitched landscape. Lots of movement in this one!

Joanne Bowes's work is on cloth with lots of hand stitching.

Tessa Ellis has a printed cloth background (or maybe printed paper with a fine textile overlay?) The piece has machine and hand embroidery and the word "beauty is only sking deep) appliqued on top.

Sheilagh Dyson's piece is also mixed media. It's baground layers are raw edged and hand sewn into play with heavy stitching. There are 2 button at the top highlighting the words " of those grey days..." The figure on white cloth has a single tear on her cheek.

Sue Hotchkis is well known to us here at TOH HQ! You can read about her work in one of our free magazines - just nip over to and click the links. Her striking piece mounted onto the white piece is arresting. It's heavily machined stitched which gives amazing texture and is in a beautiful palette of autumnal colours.

Finally from Ita we have a portrait inspired by an Italian fresco.She has called her piece "Mother and Child".

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Katie Scholefield (UK) Lindsay Cash (Switzerland) Hanne Flintholm (Denmark) Margaret McCrory (UK)

There are some cracking Portrait Shuffles today - rather too many to blog, so we'll be splitting them between postings again. Thank you so much - such a wealth of talent out there!!

Katie's piece is very original and is worked on paper. The background is coloured - it seems to be using pure colour for tone - and this is overlayed with more portrait work on paper in biro. These drawings have, been sliced and placed over the background so that you get an appearance of fractured faces.

Lindsay Cash has sent a digitally enhanced photo, which has then been highlighted with coloured pencils. The cloth background has been wadded - gorgeous colours!

Hanne Flintholm's piece is called "A tiny Refugee!" Hanne's processes include liming with carbon paper on paper, pastel, watercolour, salt, fabric and yarns. Don't you just want to hug the little girl?

Margaret's piece is a self portrait. Go Margaret! The piece is heavily stitched threads on a cloth background, with applique features and earrings. Rich in texture. Margaret was inspired by the paintings of ALO - a young Italian street artist, living and working in London. His painting style was like stitch.

Mirjam Pet-Jacobs - TOH Affiliate Artist

We are absolutely delighted that Mirjam Pet-Jacobs has donated this piece to the Portrait Shuffle. Thank you Mirjam. This portrait is an example of the work she's showing this year at Festival of Quilts. Do come along and see at Gallery TG9!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

We have begun the process of displaying your work

You still have until Monday a.m. 31st July to return your Shuffle portraits to us. After this time we will be unable to enter them into the exhibition, as we need time to mount them and label them, although they can of course be part of the Shuffle.

You will receive another original piece of art work in return for yours during the later part of August. Please see Terms and Conditions at the top of this blog if there is anything you're unsure about.

Linda Barlow - Through Our Hands Affiliate Artist

HUGE thanks to Linda Barlow who has donated this piece of work to the Portrait Shuffle. Will it be yours?

Angelike Westermann (Germany) Deb Nixon (UK) Kathrynne Owen (UK) Sue Kemp (UK) Tracy Hodder (UK)

We have a HUGE pile of Shufflers today, so there will be two postings. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful work - we're amazed at the variety of styles of interpretations that we've received. Don't forget to come along to the Festival of Quilts (Gallery TG9) to see them all together.

Anegelike Westermann has sent a striking painted portrait. The red of the lips and yellow of the background really draw your eye in to the face.

Tracy Hodder's painting has the words "If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies!" Very true! The butterflies are raised above the painted greeny/blue background.

Sue Kemp has sent a wonderful fabric collage with machine stitching. What a happy baby!

Kathrynne Owen's piece has a note on the back "Nanna to 7 grand children. Each one has drawn a butterfly for this portrait". The background cloth has an overlay of fine gauzy material and is machine stitched. Some of the butterflies are appliqued on top.

Finally for today, we have a beautifully stitched and coloured cat from Deb Nixon. The piece is titled "Wait For Me" and the words appear stitched on the front with a little heart. We've seen this portrait and followed the story about the cat on Instagram!  It's lovely Deb.

Linda Roan (Canada) Yvonne Imms (UK) Kathryn Forster (UK) Louise Allen (UK) Becky Clementson (UK)

We have a HUGE pile of Shufflers today, so there will be two postings. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful work - we're amazed at the variety of styles of interpretations that we've received. Don't forget to come along to the Festival of Quilts (Gallery TG9) to see them all together.

Linda Road  has sent this fabulous portrait. She says it's fabric paint, cotton print, embroidery, pencils and knitting yarn, and is of Lalita: digitized photo of a family friend.

Yvonne Imms' piece looks like a paper collage which has been over painted - the sitter is gazing into the distance and it feels very enigmatic.

Kathryn Forster's portrait is painted in striking and bright colours - oranges, yellows, purples, reds etc. Its great - she looks like she's just seen something amusing or nice out of the corner of her eye.

Louise Allen's painted portrait has a lovely palette of blues and oranges/pinks, and has a note on the back: "Portrait - based on a life drawing of Rachel - "meditating"....with my new Golden acrylic paints."

Becky Clementson's painting also looks to be acrylics. The sitter is staring forward but slightly down. Greens, yellows, and flowers in the hair!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Sue Stone - Through Our Hands Affiliate Artist - donation to the Portrait Shuffle

Huge thanks to Sue Stone who has donated this wonderful piece of work to the Shuffle. It's amazing of course and so detailed and beautifully stitched. Could you be the very lucky person who receives this in the post??

Gillian Carlsson (New Zealand) Agnes Palko (Sweden) Jenny Williams (USA) Kirsten Leigh (UK)

Quite a few more Shuffles have arrived, but we're just doing 4 this morning....more later of course!! The closing date is 31st July if you want your piece to be exhibited at the NEC in August. Any sent in after that date will still be part of the shuffle of course, but won't be hung in the gallery. This is because they have to be mounted for display and we need time to do that.

Thank you so much for today's portraits!

Kirsten Leigh - This is just too cool Kirsten! Love the glasses. "Neon Self-Portrait" Coloured cloth, applique and stitch.

Jenny Williams has sent a felted piece - a gorgeous landscape. Fabrics, wool, stitch and beading.

Agnes Palko piece is quilted and beautifully stitched by hand. Printing, lace, cross stitch and text.

Gillian  Carlsson's piece has music as it's background...the words "don't forbid me" form part of the music, and are overlayed on the from in printed text. The printed smiling portrait is applied over the top of the music.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Eszter Bornemisza - Through Our Hands Affiliated Artist

We received 2 pieces of work this morning from Eszter Bornemisza for the Through Our Hands gallery at Festival of Quilts, and tucked inside was this lovely donation to the Portrait Shuffle!

I wonder who will get this lovely piece of original work from Eszter?

Fiona Balding (UK) Linda Harvey (UK)Caroline Higgs (France) Ann Aket (UK)Tracey Fernandes (UK)

Enormous thanks for the lovely portraits you've sent us today!

Fiona Balding's is inspired by the pen and ink drawings of Rowena Siovanes. It's a beautifully layered background including Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain, and heavily machine stitched. The swimming costume seems to be made from paper. We like this a lot and wonder if the maps are of any special places?

Caroline Higgs has sent this wadded, and appliqued piece, with very fine hand stitching. She says " I photographed this woman in Kenya. She is outcast by her community because she gave birth to a wonderful girl who has no arms..." Enormously sad to read that.

Linda Harvey's piece is a layered background with lace and heavier weight fabrics which are machine stitched. The portrait overlays the fabrics and is in a thicker thread.

Ann Aket has sent this piece entitled "Hollie" The canvas is painted a sky blue and has a wadded and pieced fabric area in the middle with a portrait hand stitched in black and red.

Tracey Fernandes painting has the words "Age is just a number" in the background. The portrait is made up of printed numbers on paper, and a paper overlay for the hair.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Christine Seager (UK) Tekla Benson (USA) Lisa Benson and Tekla Benson (USA)

Christine Seager has sent this Portrait Shuffle today.  This piece is painted onto wadded cloth, with lots of text and hand stitching. If you zoom in you may be able to read it!

Lisa Benson and Tekla Benson have worked on this together. It is printing onto cloth. We especially like the overprint of the red bycicle with yellow and it gives a tremendous impression of movement - it is after all, someone riding a bike!

Tekla has also sent this striking painted portrait! Our thanks to everyone for today's Portrait Shuffles.

Can we also just remind you - without wishing to overstate - PLEASE can you put "gift" and "no value" or a low value, say, $10 on your Shuffle parcels if you are returning them to us from outside the EU. Import duties are about £25 per parcel coming from the USA for example and this we have to fund personally or it has to come from the Save The Children donation. This is a charitable event and your work will be donated to another artist, not sold. Thank you.

Friday, 21 July 2017

If you plan on sending your Shuffle back from outside the EU........

PLEASE can you put "gift" and "no value" or a low value, say, $10 on your Shuffle parcels if you are returning them to us from outside the EU. Import duties are about £25 per parcel coming from the USA for example and this we have to fund personally or it has to come from the Save The Children donation. This is a charitable event and your work will be donated to another artist, not sold. Thank you.