Thursday, 20 April 2017

Great news and starting with a background?

The great news for today is that we have sold the first batch of Portrait Shuffle Packs. Fabulous and thank you so much!! More packs are on their way, so please continue to sign up and we'll do our very best to ensure that they wing their way towards you as soon as possible.


Making a background.

Thinking what to make for your portrait can be tricky but also enormous fun! You may not want or feel able to complete a portrait in the traditional sense – it might not float your boat, or it could be challenging on the scale of an A5 canvas.

Perhaps you could try to think about your subject beyond their looks. What makes them tick? What do you know about them? If it’s yourself, think about what makes you, you! Here’s a line from a piece of poetry that has appeared in more than one of the Life Story quilts –  Fair Seed Time Had My Soul, by Wordsworth. The words have meaning to me.

“Fair seed-time had my soul, and I grew up Fostered alike by beauty and by fear.”

You will need to make sure that it's ok to quote and that you're not breaking copyright for example, as text is covered in much the same way as images.

Anyway, I wrote these words on some calligraphy paper with a view to collaging them on the canvas to make a background. Not sure how I’ll progress – maybe an image of some seed heads/pods.

Image 1: Using a marker pen to write on calligraphy paper. This is thin, strong and smooth, and tears well. This was stuck to the A5 canvas with acrylic gel which dries clear.

Image 2: Using a bradawl (with a rubber underneath to protect the table) to punch holes through the canvas.

Image 3: Sewing some stitches onto the canvas using a stranded embroidery thread.

 Image 4: Making it into a background by giving the whole thing a coat of gesso.
Image 5:  Here's some sketching of seed heads that could be worked into with collage or paint, fabric, gold leaf - anything!

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